Shamanic Healing is part of an ancient practice developed to heal the soul and bring balance to thoughts, feelings, and overall wellness of the body. Shamanic Healing, and many of the Gentle Healing Services practiced at Healing Meridians are called energy medicines. Energy medicines are designed to care for both the physical and spiritual body.

Shamans can travel into alternate states of consciousness to care for a person's spirit, diagnose or treat an illness, and are influenced by the power of other spiritual teachers. Shamanic Practitioners can use energy, touch, sound such as rhythmic drumming, rattles, or bells, and other healing rituals to restore harmony and integrity to the soul, spirit, mind, and body.

Types of Shamanic Healing
• Divination is a reading of an energy body to give information on the past, present, or future of a subject to address a soul's purpose, spiritual growth, or life direction.
• Soul Retrieval is a healing ceremony that retrieves the feeling of soul or purpose to those who feel that something may be missing, or do not feel whole. A Soul Retrieval ceremony is meant to bring a positive experience and outcome to the mind, physical body, and spirit.
• Extraction is the removal of a spiritual intrusion that can manifest around the existence of a chronic illness or condition.
• Past Life Regression Therapy is a technique to find out past life, age, and pre-natal, or dreamtime regression. This therapy was created to find and access memories from unconsciousness to provide a holistic shift in consciousness for the subject.
• Distance Healing Ceremonies utilize Shamanic Healing Energy to treat a patient over long distance.
• Other special Shamanic Ceremonies can include blessings of a house or working environment, or the cleansing of a property or location.

Shamanic Ceremonies can be created for almost any event. Please ask Dr. Powell or Catherine for more information during your initial consultation if Shamanic Healing is of interest to you.

When setting up your initial appointment with Healing Meridians, be sure to fill the Healing Meridians office in with the types of ailments you are suffering from. Dr. Powell and Catherine will help you to decide which treatments will work best for you.

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