Dr. Fritz Smith first developed the concept of zero balancing in 1973, combining the ideas of Acupuncture and Energy Healing. Zero Balancing is a gentle style of massage based on the belief that there is an energetic body as well as a physical body and ailments can affect both. Gentle pressure is used at specific points along the skeleton and musculature to return the energetic body to a state of balance within the physical body. Zero Balancing has been proven to provide these lasting benefits: improved feelings of health and well-being, stress release and enhanced energy, reduced physical pain or discomfort, increased balance, stability and mobility, heightened feelings of connection, peace and happiness, and release of present and past mental, physical and emotional tension.

When setting up your initial appointment with Healing Meridians, be sure to fill the Healing Meridians office in with the types of ailments you are suffering from. Dr. Powell and Catherine will help you to decide which treatments will work best for you.
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